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5.1.2022 Pipar sai siskonsa Mintun kanssa kodin Lahdesta.

15.1.2022 Kuulumisia Piparin ja Mintun kodista:

“We are happy to say that Pipar and Minttu have adjusted very well to their new home. The initial shyness lasted only the first night and the following half-day, before they came out of their hiding place, purring and looking for some attention. It took a few more days for them to feel totally confident at home (unfortunately our neighbors are not the quietest, so they would get spooked by the noises, and they had to get to know for example the different noises in the kitchen, washing machines etc.).

Now, as you can see from the pictures, they have conquered the place! There have been no toilet issues at all, and the change after them sleeping in the bedroom for the first three nights, and then us taking the bedroom back :), didn’t cause any problems either. Minttu in particular is still a bit shy sometimes, so she has access to a closet she likes to hide in, as well as a “cave” made of big pillows on the couch.

They enjoy running around with a lot of energy a couple of times a day, and have gotten used to us having remote meetings as well (the cats even like to hang around my husband’s desk when he is in meetings, as he sits at a big window and unless the meeting is too noisy, they just stay nearby!). It took about a week for them to also start playing and wrestling with each other, and Minttu now likes to groom Pipar as well (though we are not sure how much he enjoys this :) ). During the last few days, they have also started to notice our big windows and the birds they can see outside, so watching them has been a popular morning activity.

The eating as well as been great (they get annospussit twice a day plus a portion of raw meat), and we have given them a toy to play with that you can fill with kibble or treats, and they figured that out very quickly too.

So overall, everything has gone really well, and much better even than we would have expected, and we are very glad that they adjusted so quickly! There are still things they have to get used to (for example, they get excited when one of us goes to the bathroom during the night, as they like to follow us there, and it always takes some time to get everyone settled in again :D), but the current progress is so good that we aren’t worried about this at all.

We thought we would write a bit more about their individual personalities as well, now that we are getting to know them better and better!

Minttu has surprised us in so many ways! Ever since she came out of hiding on the second day, she has become more and more confident, and we dare say she now runs the house :-) She is very smart, has a lot of energy and is usually the instigator when playing or wrestling activities begin. She also likes to sometimes steal toys or food from Pipar, but it doesn’t seem to be an aggressive behaviour. She is eating well, but as recommended by the previous foster family, the two are separated during meals because Pipar tends to eat fast and then want to grab the leftovers from Minttu before she has finished. She was often nervous while eating during the first few days, always looking around at the slightest noise, but now she is mostly quite calm and relaxed while having her meals. She enjoys playing with hairties (scrunchies), but also traditional toys (mice, balls…), and she likes to attack our toes while we are still sleeping :-) Both Pipar and Minttu have started to fetch, as they had done previously as well.

But the most amazing thing about Minttu are her what we call “cuddle attacks”! Having been so shy at first, this was great to see. Usually after waking up from a nap, but also sometimes during the night, she will come over purring and looking for pets, as well as even allowing long belly rub sessions. She has a lot of energy though, so she will often walk between us during those “attacks” not knowing where to settle down, but that will probably calm down over time as well. During the last couple of days, I have discovered that she likes to sit in my lap with her paws resting over my arm. Other than that, she doesn’t like to sit in our lap (yet), maybe this is something she was thus far not so familiar with.

Pipar is very social and always likes to be in the same room with us. He is more vocal than Minttu, and the brave big brother in some situations, though he is also very patient with her shenanigans. One very cute situation was when Minttu was hesitant to use the cat toilet at first, and when he went, she just jumped in with him and they went at the same time. After that, she started going by herself as well. Pipar has not been scared at all any more since the first day, and he is learning for example that it’s not scary when we are coming home from the outside wearing our winter jackets. He is very happy when he gets food. He tolerates pets, but seems to prefer coming up to us to nuzzle hands, legs or even the face. I think he sometimes requests cuddles, so at these times I have started to pick him up, and he purrs and stays for a few minutes. We’re not entirely sure yet what kinds of pets he would enjoy the most, but he does come up to lie in our laps for example when we are watching TV.

When it comes to playing, things can get as wild as with Minttu, but he enjoys keeping to himself more and focusing on one game without disruption, for example fetching the scrunchies. He is very good at that, and it’s actually thanks to him that we discovered his toy because he found an old scrunchie in my room and started carrying it around with him. When he’s not fetching, he usually goes into a corner and starts playing with it there (with wild jumps, somersaults and backflips), and another hobby he has discovered is pushing the scrunchie underneath the bathroom door with his paws and then trying to pry it out again, and so forth!

As they both are very attentive and interested in their environment, as well as motivated by treats, I am planning to start clicker training with them soon.

In closing, I think everyone is very happy around here, we are so glad and feel so lucky that we found these two and we hope they feel the same way about us ;-)”


Pipar on seurallinen ja reipas nuori poikakissa. Se on tullut Rekku Rescuelle siskonsa Mintun kanssa, ja nämä sisarukset lähtevätkin yhdessä uuteen kotiin.


Pipar on mukana kaikissa arjen touhuissa, ja se pitää ihmisille juttelemisesta. Toisinaan Pipar haluaa syliin (tai ruokaa) niin kovasti, että se saattaa välillä hypätä olkapäille ihmisen syödessä. Pipar pitää myös siitä, että se nostetaan käsivarsille, ja siitä saa sylikaverin kotisohvallekin.

Pipar menee kiltisti kuljetuskoppaan, ja myös kynsien leikkaamista on harjoiteltu sijaiskodissa. Se onkin leikkisälle nuorelle miehelle tarpeellista, niin suuremmilta naarmuilta vältytään. Pipar ei kuitenkaan raavi tarkoituksella, vaan joskus se vain saattaa innostua lelusta niin paljon, että se huomaamattaan raapaisee ihmistä käteen.

Pipar pitää erityisesti leikkihiiristä, ja leikkihetkinä se mielellään tuokin hiiren ihmisen luokse uudelleen ja uudelleen. Kun ihmiset lähtevät aamuisin töihin, Pipar hyvästelee heidät leikkimällä kengännauhoilla. Samalla tavalla se myös toivottaa ihmiset tervetulleiksi töistä kotiin päivän päätteeksi. Pipar tarvitseekin kodin, jossa se saa olla mukana ihmisten askareissa. Koska se on vielä kovin nuori, se tarvitsee myös paljon virikkeitä.  Toisaalta Pipar viihtyy myös mainiosti siskonsa Mintun kaverina.

Pipar on tottunut ainakin kouluikäisiin lapsiin. Paras koti Piparille olisi sellainen, jossa se saisi sopivissa määrin sekä leikkiä että silityksiä.