Masjanja (nyk. Scarlett)

Lisätty sivulle: 2007-01-10

Sukupuoli: naaras

Alkuperä: Viro

Masjanja (nyk. Scarlett)


KUULUMISIA omasta kodista:

12.6.2007 Hi! I hope you understand english, because i don’t speak finnish really well (I’m “Masjanja”‘s new mommy, my boyfriend speaks finnish and wrote the mails but he isn’t home at the moment). I wanted to give you news from Scarlett (called Masjanja back then when she was at the shelter) :) and i also have few pictures for you ^^

First of all i must say we’ve been blessed with this little black fur-ball.
She is amazingly nice, cuddly…She’s still scared of strangers but with us it’s big love :D

She follows me everywhere: She sleeps with us in the bed, we even had to
install her “hamac” there because she wanted to be with us. She even follows
me into the bathroom hehe.

She asks really much attention almost all the time, she never gets bored of
cuddles and pets. Purring a lot also, rolling over, miaowing…A real little
show of her own!

She’s adorable. Her handicap doesn’t prevent her from living normally. I
even forgot about it with time, anyway it’s not so obvious anymore. She has
gained weight and she has a shinny coat :)

Scarlett is very clean, i’ve never seen her doing outside her liter.
Of course she’s unruly sometimes. She’s clumsy, she broke a plate once lol,
she also steals food from our plates if we turn our back on her 2 seconds. A
real little thief! ^^

She’s a real beauty and a purring machine. We love her and couldn’t live
without her now. Thank you again for letting us adopt her!!


PS: On one of the picture it’s not really clear but she is sleeping on the
couch on a funny pose ;)


NAARAS noin 5kk (tammikuussa 2007) / kotihoidossa Helsingissä

Masjanja on löydetty pentuna Rottermannin kauppakeskuksen alueelta Tallinnan keskustasta. Masjanja oli löydettäessä todella huonossa kunnossa, mutta nyt se on hyvässä hoidossa vahvistunut ja nauttii silityksistä kunhan uskaltaa ottaa niitä vastaan.


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